Degree: Master of Arts in Linguistics

The Master of Arts in Linguistics is designed to be completed in three years.  Although a few students take longer to finish, the program must be completed within five years. 

Available degree tracks: Descriptive Linguistics, Language Development, and Translation

The degree consists of 39 credits of the following:

Core courses

Students must complete three (3) core courses and one (1) research methods course for a minimum total of twelve (12) credits.  Click here for the core courses.

Thesis Option

Independent Study (IS) Option

Students should select electives appropriate to their program of study in consultation with their program advisor. 

Click here for more information on Thesis and Independent Study options.

Why it matters? 


Linguistic knowledge applied to research and language documentation, leading to the development and maintenance of heritage languages and cultures is a key tool in the development of local, regional, and international social and economic life.


The M.A. in Linguistics is unique in Thailand in its emphasis on firsthand field research and application in the fields of translation and language development. The program is also recognized by SIL International - the only program in all of Asia.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the M.A. program, students should be able to:

1. Summarize the intellectual and ethical problems in a variety of linguistic domains and propose solutions.

2. Synthesize relevant literature and explain how it relates to their work.

3. Use appropriate analytical methods to solve a language problem.

4. Design and carry out a research project that accords with theoretical principles.

Professions and Careers after Graduation

1. Asian language research and language development

2. Writer/Translator/Interpreter

3. Staff of government organization

4. Staff of a private organization

5. Teacher or professor at various levels

Student Documents