Alumni and Theses

Theses and Independent Studies

Theses and Independent Studies completed by students at the Linguistics Department, Payap University

Adams, Terry. 2012. Linguistic Evidence: Grammaticality Judgments and Serial Verb Constructions In Thai. Master’s thesis.

Anderson, Anna. 2018. Applying Dynamic Equivalence and Relevance Theory: Translating English and Mandarin Chinese Song Lyrics. Master’s Thesis.

Arisawa, Tatsuro Daniel. 2006. A storyline analysis in Iu-Mienh narrative discourse with some insights from cognitive linguistics. Master’s thesis.

Artz, Arene. 2012. A comparison of participant reference in Thai love songs and the Song of Solomon. Master’s thesis.

Arunsirot, Sudruetai. 2003. A phonological analysis of three central Karenic languages. Master’s thesis.

Aung, Wai Lin. 2013. A Descriptive Grammar of Kayah Monu. Master’s thesis.

Baa, Lar. 2001. The phonological basis of a Sgaw and Northwest Karenic orthography. Master’s thesis.

Balle, Misriani. 2017. Types of Reduplication in Helong, an Austronesian Language in Eastern Indonesia. Master’s Thesis.

Barkman, Tiffany Rae. 2014. A descriptive grammar of Jejara (Para Naga). Master’s thesis.

Basch, Bianca. 2018. Assessing the Context for Language Development in Lahu Sheleh in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Master's Thesis.

Blok, Gregory Robert. 2013. A Descriptive Grammar of Eastern Lawa. Master’s thesis.

Burutphakdee, Natnapang. 2004. Khon muang neu kap phasa muang: Attitudes of Northern Thai youth towards Kammuang and the Lanna script. Master’s thesis.

Campos, Rose Marie P. 2014. Language Attitudes among Agusan Manobo Speakers in the Philippines. Master’s thesis.

Chaikuna, Waraporn. 2003. The analysis of clause structure in Lahu Shi. Master’s thesis.

Chaisang, Rujirat. 1992. Participant identification in a selection of Thai narratives. Independent Study.

Chamberlain, Wendy. 2010. Language Maintenance in a Displaced People Group: a Sociolinguistic Study of the Nepali Speech Community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Master’s thesis.

Chantanaroj, Apiradee. 2007. A Preliminary Sociolinguistic Survey of Selected Tai Nua Speech Varieties. Master’s thesis.

Chawla, Sukchai. 1993. A comparison of cohesion in a selection of Thai and Punjabi narratives. Independent Study.

Chowyong, Amnuayporn. 1996. A study of final particles in conversational Tai Lue of Donchai Village, Pua district, Nan province. Master’s thesis.

Clark, Edward. 2008. A phonological analysis and comparison of two Kim Mun varieties in Laos and Vietnam. Master’s thesis.

Clugston, Christopher Ian. 2013. Genre Analysis of Self Defense Web Advertisements. Master’s thesis.

Cork, Eliason. 2020. The Organization of Discourse in Thai Sermons. Master's thesis.

Cruz, Levi Cirilo. 2016. Documenting conversations using basic oral language documentation (BOLD) method. Master’s thesis.

Daniell, Jennifer. 2020. Phonological Variation in Oy: A Comparison of Four Varieties. Master's thesis.

Davies, Megan. 2018. The Feasibility of Equivalent Response: Translating a Pashai Folktale into English. Independent Study.

Davis, Tyler. 2017. Verb Stem Alternation in Sizang Chin Narrative Discourse. Master’s Thesis.

Day, Gillian. 2009. The Doi Chom Phu Bisu Noun Phrase. Master’s thesis.

Delmer, Jean François. 2018. Manobo Verbs and Their Arguments. Master’s Thesis.

Doty, Leah. 2020. Aspects of Oy Grammar. Master's Thesis.

Drake, Joshua. 2012. From Written Source to Radio Script to Live Performance of Mandarin Chinese Narratives. Master’s thesis.

Duan, Lei Christina. 2004. A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Use and Language Attitudes among the Bai People in Jianchuan County, China. Master’s thesis.

Du Preez, Sara. 2019. The Participant Reference System of Maikoti Kham in Six Folktales. Master's thesis.

Edwards, Timothy. 2011. Participant Reference in Tai Dam Narrative Discourse. Master’s thesis.

Engelkemier, Jennifer. 2010. Aspects of Bru Kok Sa-at Grammar Based on Narrative Texts. Master’s thesis.

Epo, Yrrah Jane Sarueda. 2014. Discourse Analysis of Suyot: A Hanunuo-Mangyan Folk Narrative. Master’s thesis.

Gehrmann, Ryan. 2016. The West Katuic Languages: Comparative Phonology and Diagnostic Tools. Master’s thesis.

Ghoemeh, Ah Suhn 2015. Assessing the vitality of Akha in Myanmar with the Sustainable Use model. Master’s thesis.

Gorton, Britte-Catherine. 2012. Aspects of Discourse Prominence in Selected Mandarin Chinese Children’s Stories. Master’s thesis.

Goswami, Dipjyoti. 2018. Lexical Nominalization and the Extended Functions of the Demonstrative Kəra² in Rera, a Northern Naga Language. Master’s Thesis.

Greninger, David. 2009. Aspects of discourse prominence in Solu Sherpa oral stories of personal experience. Master’s thesis.

Gun, Maran Ja. 1996. A translation of ‘Maumwi’ the Jingpaw origin myth and an ethno semantic analysis of ‘u’ birds. Independent Study.

Gustafson, Kari. 2010. Testing a Method for Evaluating Key Translation Terms Using Bisu. Master’s thesis.

Gwa, Ohn Mar Htun. 2010. A comparison of imperfectivity in Leinong Naga, Burmese, and Lisu. Master’s thesis.

Hall, Elizabeth. 2010. A Phonology of Muak Sa-aak. Master’s thesis.

Harper, Jerod. 2009.Phonological Descriptions of Plang spoken in Man Noi, La Gang, and Bang Deng Villages (in China). Master’s thesis.

Hayt, Naw Yaw (AhKhi).2017. Selected Particles in Lisu. Master's thesis.

Headlin, Matthew. 2011. An Investigation of the Relationship Between the Kyirong, Yolmo, and Standard Spoken Tibetan Speech Varieties. Master’s thesis.

Heh, Sa Mollay Kya. 2008. A sociolinguistic comparison of Lahu Aga with Lahu Na. Master’s thesis.

Herr, Kristen. 2011. The Phonological Interpretation of Minor Syllables, Applied to Lemi Chin. Master’s thesis.

Hillmer, Janice. 2013. An Ethnographic Study of Language Use in a Multilingual Education Program in Thailand. Master’s thesis.

Hngak, Eng Lian. 2020. A Study of Cohesion in Falam Chin Folktales. Master's thesis.

Holanouphab, Sengfa. 2003. Final particles in Vientiane Lao. Master’s thesis.

Htay, La Maung. 2011. A Sociolinguistic Survey of Three Lisu Dialects. Master’s thesis.

Jasa, Upai. 2009. Aspects of Discourse Cohesion in Lahu Si Folktales. Master’s thesis.

Jirel, Tej. 1999. Selected discourse features of Jirel folk narratives. Master’s thesis.

Juntawieng, Usitara. 1997. A discourse study of a selection of the Northern Thai sermons of Phra Khon Sophon Boonyaporn Tun Cok. Master’s thesis.

Kamyab, Nader. 2012. A comparative study of five Persian Bible translations. Master’s thesis.

Katsura, Chaiyathip. 1993. An analysis of cohesion on Sgaw Karen folk narratives. Master’s thesis.

Kee, Shein Mang. 2006. A syntactic and pragmatic description of verb stem alternation in K’cho, a Chin language. Master’s thesis.

Keerakittiwat, Chutiphan. 2002. A semantic analysis of Thai proverbs and metaphors about women. Master’s thesis.

Kheng, Naing. 2017. A phonological description of the Mkuui variety of Daai Chin. Master’s Thesis.

Kletzing, Juliette. 2011. Discourse Segments And Prominence in Herodotus Scythian Narrative. Master’s thesis.

Kongton, Anongporn. 1997. Some difficulties in translation from English into Thai with application to the book understanding & guiding teenagers. Independent Study.

Kya Heh, Noel. 2003. A Descriptive Study of Akha Sentence Final Particles. Master’s thesis.

Lam Thang, Khoi. 2001. A phonological reconstruction of Proto Chin.Master’s thesis.

Lann, Khan. 2018. A Phonological Comparison of Shecyü and Mungre and its Contribution to a Common Tangshang Naga Orthography. Master’s Thesis.

Leung, Wai Ling. 2016. Participant Reference in Collected Brao Narratives. Masters Thesis.

Lewis, Emily. 2008. Grammatical studies of Man Noi Plang. Master’s thesis.

Li, Ji Hong. 2005. Study of language use and language attitudes among Bisu speakers of China and Thailand. Master’s thesis.

Liao, Hanbo. 2016. Tonal Development of Tai Languages. Masters Thesis.

Loss, Daniel. 2017. A Comparison of Grammaticalization in Shan and Thai. Masters Thesis.

Luk, Hkaw. 2017. A Grammatical Sketch of Lacid. Master’s Thesis.

Lung, K Nu San. 2017. Vitality of Language and Music among the Lemi People In Southern Chin State of Myanmar. Master’s Thesis.

Mai, Seng. 2012. A Descriptive Grammar of Wa. Master’s thesis.

Mangulamas, Manap B. 2017. Maguindanaon Language Use in Computer Mediated Communication: A study among Maguindanaon Students in Mindanao, Philippines. Master’s Thesis.

Markowski, Linda. 2005. A comparative study of Kuy varieties in Cambodia. Master’s thesis.

Meister, Elizabeth. 2010. An Investigation of Multi-Verb Constructions in Hmong Ntsuab. Master’s thesis.

Midomaru, Tsuyoshi. 2010. An Adaptation of the Total Literacy System for the Evaluation of Bilingual Education Among Minority Nationalities in Southwest China. Master’s thesis.

Morris, Amber. 2008. Selected discourse features of Lahu Shi folk narrative. Master’s thesis.

Munn, Elizabeth. 2018. A Phonological Comparison of Eastern Lawa Varieties in Hot District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Master’s Thesis.

Na Tiqwah. 2016. A Sociolinguistic Survey of Lue in Mong Yawng. Master’s Thesis.

Nagakura, Kayoko. 2006. Elements of Ngochang grammar. Master’s Thesis.

Nasution, Rita Farida. 2021. The Sociolinguistic Position of Palembang Religious Poetry. Master's Independent Study.

Naw, Hsar Shee. 2008. A Descriptive Grammar of Geba Karen. Master’s thesis.

Naw Sawu. 2016. Descriptive Phonology of Makyam Naga. Masters Thesis.

Naw, Veronica. 2011. The Phonology Of Dermuha and a Phonological and Lexical Comparison Between Dermuha, Sgaw Karen and Pwo Karen. Master’s thesis.

Napoli, Mateus Froes. 2014. Studies on the verb complex of Santa Mongolian. Master’s thesis.

Ngun, Tin Par. 2016. Agreement and Verb Stem Alternation in Senthang Chin. Masters Thesis.

Osborne, Anne. 2009. Who’s Who in Kmhmu’: Referring expressions and participant identification in selected Kmhmu’ narrative texts. Master’s thesis.

Owen, Robert Wyn. 2008. Language use, literacy, and phonological variation in Khuen. Master’s thesis.

Pelkey, Jamin. 2004. Phowa verbal semantics. Master’s thesis.

Person, Kirk. 1993. Discourse considerations on the hortatory speech of Phra Phayom. Master’s thesis.

Person, Suzie. 1998. The story of Mae Laa: A discourse analysis of a Northern Thai Life History in its cultural context. Master’s thesis.

Pham, Minh Thi Tuyet. 2006. Headhunters and wild pigs: Aspects of Mae Hong Son Shan narrative discourse. Master’s thesis.

Phyu, Myint Myint. 2013. A Sociolinguistic Survey of Selected Meung Yum and Savaiq Varieties. Master’s thesis.

Ping, Phung Wei. 2013. A Phonological Description of Meung Yum and Phonological Comparison of Meung Yum with Three Wa Dialects In China. Master’s thesis.

Powelson, Rachel. 2018. The Verb Phrase in Lungmi Rawang. Master's thesis.

Promkandorn, Suthinee. 2016. Language Vitality and Lexical Variation of the Isan Language in Rongsan Village, Phayao Province. Masters Thesis.

Rahman, Syed Iftiqar. 2016. Verbal agreement and grammatical description of HaɁwa Nocte. Master’s thesis.

Rajamuthu, Vasantha Thomas. 1999. A study of clause & sentence structure in the Chodri language. Master’s thesis.

Randall, Mike. 2016. The Properties of Lhasa Tibetan Verbalizers. Master’s thesis.

Reh, Myar Doo. 2004. A phonological comparison of selected Karenic language varieties of Kayah State. Master’s thesis.

Rice, Marcus. 2019. An Areal Study of Number Systems in Languages Spoken in the "Golden Triangle" Region of Mainland Southeast Asia. Master's thesis.

Sarep, Hpung. 1993. A study of the morphology of verbs and nouns of the Sinwal dialect of the Rawang language. Master’s thesis.

Schubert, Bettina. 2018. A Phonological and Grammatical Sketch of Surgujia, an Indo-Aryan Language of Central India. Master's thesis.

Scholl, Mark. 2019. The English Translations of Title on Mainland Chinese Movie Posters: A Diachronic Study. Master's thesis.

Shee, Naw Khu. 2012. Assessing the Impact of Using the National Language Instead of the Learners’ Mother Tongue in Primary Education in Myanmar. Master’s thesis.

Shi, Vong Tsuh. 2009. Discourse Studies of Makuri Naga Narratives. Master’s thesis.

Sok, Makara. 2016. Phonological principles and automatic phonemic and phonetic transcription of Khmer words. Master’s thesis.

Steeb, Markus. 2008. Discourse functions of right-dislocated repetition and other repetition structures in Khmu oral narratives. Master’s thesis.

Straub, Nathan. 2016. Direction and Time Reference in the Rvmøl (Dvru) Dialect of Rawang, from Northern Myanmar. Masters Thesis.

Suknaphasawat, Jenwit. 1999. A phonological description of the Lahu Bakeo dialect. Master’s thesis.

Sun, Ah. 2015. Assessing the Vitality of Akha in Myanmar with the Sustainable Use Model. Master’s thesis.

Swanson, Kirstie. 2011. Serial Verb Constructions in Bwe Karen. Master’s thesis.

Tan, Hoong Yen Alice. 2012. Using Hmong in Pre-Primary Education in Thailand: An Evaluation of Orthography Acceptance, Teacher Training and Reported Outcomes in a Pilot Project. Master’s thesis.

Tan, Krisda. 2010. Adjectives in Singaporean Hokkien. Master’s thesis.

Tan Le, Duong 2003. A phonological comparison of Maa and Koho varieties. Master’s thesis.

Tannumsaeng, Phakawee. 2020. A Preliminary Grammar of Mok, Hwe Koi Variety, Chiang Rai, with Special Focus on The Anaphoric Uses of tɤ́ʔ. Master's thesis.

Tawng, Bawi. 2017. A Typology of Subordinate Constructions in Lai. Master’s Thesis.

Tebow, Charles Thomas II. 2010. An analysis of Participant Reference in Bru Narrative Texts as spoken in Khok Sa-at Village .Master’s thesis.

Teruya, Rikio. 2001. The conceptual structure of love and related emotions in part III of the Japanese novel Kokoro. Master’s thesis.

Thepornbanchakit, Jaranya. 2004. A discourse analysis of the plot and profile of M.R. Kukrit Pramote’s short story, ‘Mom’. Master’s thesis.

Thiengburanathum, Prang. 2004. Aspect and Evidentials in Lahushi: A Cognitive Perspective. Master’s thesis.

Thomas, Christopher. 1999. A study of the verb phrase in Chodri. Master’s thesis.

Thuan, Khar. 2008. A Phonological Description of Falam Chin. Master’s thesis.

Tun, Maung Maung. 2014. A Sociolinguistic Survey of Selected Bisoid Varieties: Pyen, Laomian and Laopin. Master’s thesis.

Tuwakham, Maliwan. 2005. Language vitality and language attitudes among the Yong people in Lamphun Province: A Sociolinguistic Study. Master’s thesis.

Udomkol, Kitjapol. 2006. A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Bisoid. Master’s thesis.

Ukosakul, Margaret. 1999. Metaphors motivating the use of Thai ‘face’. Master’s thesis.

Verner, Sharon. 2012. Language vitality of a Thai immigrant speech community, King County, WA, USA. Master’s thesis.

Vitrano-Wilson, Seth. 2015. Comparing the Readability of Syllable Spacing and Word Spacing in Hmong Daw. Master’s thesis.

Vi Vo, Phuong. 2003. Conceptual metaphors of ‘love’ in Vietnamese: An analysis of selected poems and songs, past and present. Master’s thesis.

Wah, Bar Hso. 2011. The grammaticalization of ba in Sgaw Karen. Master’s thesis.

Wallace, Cassie .2020. Situation Types in Thai Sign Language. Master's thesis.

Watson, Jacob Daniel. 2019. Participant Reference Patterns in Senthang Narrative. Master's thesis.

Wayesha, Ahsi James. 2010. A Phonological Description of Leinong Naga. Master’s thesis.

Woods, Fran. 1992. Participant Identification in a Selection of Thai Narratives. Master's thesis.

Wu, Nye. 2013. A Sociolinguistic Study of the Vitality of Anung (Anong) In Myanmar. Master’s thesis.

Xinyi, Zhao Naomi. 2004. Translation theory in the Chinese context: A comparative approach. Master’s thesis.

Yeung, Wilson. 2018. Word Order in Lemei Narrative Discourse. Master’s thesis.

Ywar, Naw Hsa Eh. 2013. A Grammar of Kayan Lahta. Master’s thesis.

Zaw, Lin Kyaw. 2018. Selected Discourse Features in Burmese Sermons. Master’s Thesis.

Zhou, Chaorun. 2004. Discourse cohesion in three West-Central Thailand Pwo Karen folktales. Master’s thesis.

Zubair, Saeed. 2016. A Phonological Description of Wadiyari. Master’s thesis.

Zubair, Stephanie. 2018. Hearing Hidden Voices: Language Use Patterns Among Baloch Women in Two Urban Speech Communities in Sindh, Pakistan. Master’s Thesis.