Group 1: General Electives

AL703 Linguistic Description [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL603, AL605. The application of analysis and argumentation to linguistic data.

AL710 Historical-Comparative Linguistics [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL603, AL605. Study of historical and comparative linguistics with special emphasis on reconstruction principles applicable to Asian languages with or without written records.

AL711 Endangered Language Documentation [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL704, AL706. Study of the issues involved in documenting endangered languages.

AL720 Text Analysis [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL605 Grammatical Analysis. Study of the linguistic analysis of the structure of texts.

AL722 Linguistic Principles of Translation [3 Credits].

      • Study of linguistic principles underlying translation.

AL730 Lexicography [3 credits].

      • Prerequisite: AL605, AL607. Study of principles and methods necessary for the production of useful dictionaries, including lexical databases, the various types of dictionaries and the adaptation of dictionary forms to different types of languages and users.

AL732 Principles of Literacy [3 credits].

      • Prerequisite: AL603. The linguistic, sociolinguistic and educational factors required to support reading and writing in a language community.

AL740 Phonetics for Field Linguistics [3 credits].

      • Overview of speech sounds in languages of the world with special focus on the languages of Asia. Practice in the identification, pronunciation and transcription of speech sounds. Discussion of articulatory phonetics and basic acoustic phonetics and their application in descriptive linguistics.

AL741 Anthropological Linguistics [3 credits].

      • Study of the interaction and influence of language and culture on each other, including the effect of worldviews in matters relating to language and culture.

AL742 Language Survey [3 credits].

      • Prerequisite: AL603, AL608. Study of the theory and training necessary to conduct basic linguistic field work. Application of sociolinguistic theory to design successful language surveys and study techniques involved in planning, conducting, analyzing, and reporting language surveys.

AL751 Current Issues in Linguistics [3 credits].

      • Study of recent trends in linguistics that are likely to influence the future development of the discipline. Theoretical models presented will have significance for the study and use of language as a means of communication.

AL753 Topics in Linguistic Applications [3 credits].

      • The application of linguistics to other academic domains.

Group 2: Advanced Electives

AL712 Advanced Grammatical Analysis [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL605 Grammatical Analysis. Advanced study of linguistic theory and its application to the morphological and syntactic structure of languages.

AL715 Seminar on Mainland Southeast Asian Language Typology [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL603, AL605. Study of the development and grammatical structures of Mainland Southeast Asian languages.

AL723 Translation Practicum [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL722 Linguistic Principles of Translation. Study of the application of methods of translation, with practice in translating, checking and correcting translated material.

AL725 Seminar on Translation and Communication [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL722 Linguistic Principles of Translation. Study of the theory of translation, as built on insights derived from linguistics and related disciplines (e.g., communication theory, discourse, pragmatics, intercultural dynamics).

AL733 Language Development Methods [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL608 Sociolinguistics. Study of the application of methods of language development, with extended study of factors relevant to particular language development situations.

AL735 Seminar on Language Planning and Language Policy [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL608 Sociolinguistics. Study of practical sociological issues relating to applied linguistics programs in multilingual societies.

AL744 Advanced Phonology [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL603 Phonological Analysis. Advanced study of issues related to the analysis of sound systems, focusing on special outstanding problems.

AL746 Advanced Semantic Analysis [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL607 Semantics. Advanced study and analysis of semantic units and their relationships.

AL748 Seminar in Text Analysis [3 credits]

      • Prerequisite: AL720 Text Analysis. Advanced study of the analysis of the structure of texts.

AL750 Selected Topics in Linguistics [3 credits]

      • Study of selected linguistic topic(s).

AL752 Directed Reading [3 credits]

      • Guided independent study of a special linguistic topic.